Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heavy and expensive shopping !!

Talk about impulse buying....

Today we went to Lowyat plaza because city boy had some issues with his router (claim warranty). As usual, the Sunday crowd was there, lots of people doing their own shopping and scouring for good deals and promotions. And since we were there, we decided to walk around and see if we could get something for ourselves.

Then we remembered, Digi just launched their new iPhone plans! A new phone was over due for kampung gal, so we decided to enquire about the packages. You can find out more about it from here.

The package was really tempting ~ depending on your budget and usage, there were iPhone packages for those who wanted to buy the phone immediately, or for those wanted to subscribe to their plan, which is between 1 to 3 years duration. After talking with one of their promoters for sometime, we needed time to think it over, so we proceeded to walk around some more.

Little did we expect, another deal was lurking! Fotokem was having a stock clearance sale, and it was their last day today. It so happens we've been waiting for a good deal to arise for a decent DSLR camera... and it came!

Well..... long story short, the picture below says more than we can, hehehe! =P

As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words =P

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post-Valentine Trip 2010 Review Preview ~

In the midst of compiling the whole trip, so in the mean time, just to revive this almost extinct blog, I'll put up a little teaser picture of our trip to the island of a thousand temples ~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Valentines @ Langkawi Day 3

For the final installment of our wonderful Langkawi trip, we had breakfast once again at the hotel's restaurant. Nothing new, the same as the day before.

After that, we headed North, towards the cable car station. We parked the car at the entrance to Oriental Village, located just beside the cable car station. On the way there, we passed a yacht pier. It was filled with what we guess as private yachts, that was quite something to behold.

Once we reached the station, we claimed our tickets, and off we went, up towards the cable cars. The journey up in the cable car took about approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It was quite breezy and maybe to some, frightening due to the height the cable car was traveling at. From the cable car, we manage to get a good view of the "seven wells", or "telaga tujuh". It's a place where there is suppose to be a cascading waterfall. Initially, we wanted to make it as our next stop, but from where we were, we saw that it was rather dried up.... so we decided to skip it.

Once we reached the top, one could not miss the spectacular view from that location!! It was simply a sight to be awed, the wonderful view of nature everywhere around!! It was just amazing!! And so, it was as though it begged us to camwhore =P

After taking a couple of pictures, we went up to the peak of the station, where it was rather cool and breezy ~ We hanged out there for awhile, enjoying the amazing view of Langkawi Island itself and the blue sea at the opposite direction. It was really something that could not be described in words...

After awhile, we went towards the pedestrian bridge. Warning: it's not for the faint of heart! The bridge itself is of solid build, but when you step on the brige, you notice two things, it actually moves a little due to the amount of people and the cross-winds! And, you can actually see right to the bottom in between each piece of flooring that combines to form the bridge!! For those who are terrified of heights, this is a real testament to your bravery! But to those who dares cross it, it was truly an experience to remember! The view of the bridge itself was spectacular! Being a huge achievement being able to construct this gargantuan man-made structure from scratch. And the view from the bridge itself, was again awesome, being able to oversee the island of Langkawi.

Reluctantly, we made our way back down to the base station. We walked around oriental village a little before heading back to our car, and headed towards our next destination.

The next destination, was also our final for our Langkawi trip: "Tanjung Rhu Beach". It's a recommended beach to go to when you're at Langkawi. The beach itself is facing the open sea, so we could see the horizon, with several islands scattered around. The beach was clean, and wide, with few people around. It was a truly relaxing location. It was the perfect place to end our memorable trip..

All in all, it was a trip that will never be forgotten, both for the magical place, and for the experience it has provided us with. Without a doubt, we will visit Langkawi again, as we left a little part of our hearts there, while we impatiently wait for a chance to visit again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To My Dear

Happy Birthday To You

~* Happy BirthDay *~

To the one I Love

With all my Love

A very Happy Birthday to you

From the very bottom of my heart

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A "Protective" Introduction about Myself

I am kampung gal, my English level is just so-so.... I'm lazy to do any English writing. My laziness is up to the level that even though my self introduction also need Mr.J to write for me (He just pampering me so much =p )

Below is the introduction about me, but wrote by Mr.J :

I am a simple gal ~ already attached, so beware to all guys, whichever guy who wants to make friends with me, better watch out, as my boyfriend's favourite phrase is "if you hit on her, he will "hit" you back" ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Valentines @ Langkawi Day 2

To resume from the last post (really overdue post) on our Langkawi trip.

Day 2: the The REAL first day =P

We had breakfast in our hotel (Langkasuka Resort for those who've forgotten =P). The scenery of the clean beach and the calm sea, coupled with the cool morning breeze, from where we sat at the restaurant was really a great way to start the day =) However, we wish the same could be said about the food.... Unfortunately, the food was not up to the expected standards... They can really improve on that area... Nevertheless, it was a packaged deal ~

Our very first agenda of the day was island hopping =D Basically, visiting a couple of the more popular islands around the main island. The weather that day was rather pleasant, with a bright sun, but with winds keeping us cool. We joined a group of tourists for the activity, and we traveled on a single boat.

The first island we visited is called "Pregnant Maiden" Island. The name comes form the unusual shaped of the island, which resembles a pregnant maiden. The coxswain brought the boat to a halt at close proximity of the island, at a particular angle where we could see the "maiden". After that, he brought us to the island itself to explore. When we arrived, we were surprised to be greeted by.... monkeys!!! There were lots of them everywhere!! And they actually played in the sea =.="" It was quite an interesting sight ~ sea monkeys, hehehe =P

We were given about an hour to explore the island ourselves. There wasn't really anything to do, except to go to the lake situated further inland. As we heard, legend has it, if you basked yourself into the waters of the lake, those who were infertile, can have a chance of getting pregnant! (applies to gals only... guys.... don't worry =p) When we arrived, there were quite a lot of people around. There were paddle boats and canoe you could rent for a half hour to paddle around the lake. As it was pretty crowded, we just sat along the side of the lake, admiring the peacefullness and tranquility of the vicinity ~

The next island we went to is called "Beras Basah", or "Wet Rice" Island. The great thing about this island is the beautiful, white sandy beach. The water was so clear as well !! We had fun playing on the sand, as well as in the clear blue/green waters of the sea.

After that, the last one was eagle feeding activity. the coxswain brought us to a particular area of an island, where there were a huge gathering of eagles, reason: they were being fed =P (surprise surprise~). It was rather cool, looking at the eagles hovering around, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, one will suddenly take a dive to swoop it's victim from the surface of the water. As there were so many, we could see many doin g the same thing =D

An interesting thing happened at the time we were there: as there were other boats around, also there for the eagle feeding, one of the boats came across something rather unusual, an injured dolphin~ we saw a wild dolphin! But unfortunately, something was wrong with it... so one of the boats' coxswain took up the responsibility to carry it and take it for observation. It was something that caught everyone's attention for a bit ~

Once the island hopping activity was over, we went to have lunch somewhere along Pantai Tengah. After that, we went to "Underwater World". It's basically a tourist attraction spot, which houses marine life from around the world (their main attraction is penguins!!). We had a chance to see many species of marine lifes, from the common, to the most exotic, to the just-plain-weird. There was even a 3-D theatre where there's a short animation on marine life. It was entertaining =P

The final destination for the day, we went to Kuah town. It's the main town area for Langkawi. This is where many of the duty-free shops are located. It is a MUST visit for those who intend to buy chocolate, alcohol, and cigarrettes at dirt-cheap prices (duty-free =p).

Before we went shopping though, we went to visit the landmark of Langkawi: "Dataran Lang", or "Eagle Square". This is where the landmark of Langkawi is located, a huge sculpture of an eagle poised for flight. According to local folklore, the name of the island originated from the eagle: "lang", being eagle, or "helang", and "kawi", meaning reddish brown, hence the meaning, reddish brown eagle.

We camwhored a bit around the eagle =P As it was almost sunset, we decided to stay there and witness it, across the wide, open sea. It was a beautiful sigh to behold.. the changing of the colours of the sky, the ships and ferries slowly gliding through the sea, the calm waves of the water... it was just so magical...

Below is the result of our camwhoring =P Kampung Gal's idea of a "winged creature" =.="

When the sun finally had set, we headed towards town to do our shopping. There were several shops we visited to find the best prices and stuff that we wanted to buy. Tiring it was, but worth the trouble =D

After the shopping was done, we headed back, not before having dinner. We went to a restaurant called "Fatty Mum". It's basically a seafood restaurant, but there were other stuff there too. The food was rather enjoyable ~

The next post will be the last of the Langkawi trip trilogy =P Stay tuned for the finale' !! (.... to be continued...)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentines @ Langkawi Day 1

Langkawi!!! That's where we spend our first Valentine's celebration together. We decided to go to Langkawi because everyone seem to be crowding within the town areas, and restaurants during this period tend to be really packed with couples. The other reason also is because AirAsia had an irresistable promotion several months back, which prompted us to make use of it =P

Although we had a lot of time to plan our trip, we did it in minimal time (being busy with other stuff doesn't really help with vacation plannings). We decided to make it as relaxing as possible, not to cramp too many activities within this short period, as Langkawi is full of activities and things to do! And having 2 days and 2 nights doesn't really provide us with sufficient time to do all that Langkawi has to offer...

For the first day of the trip, we didn't do much as the flight was in the evening, so exploring was out of the question. We took public transportation from Cyberjaya to go to AirAsia's Low Cost Carrier Terminal (a.k.a LCCT).

As a reference guide, there's a fellow blogger who posted 3 alternate methods utilizing public transportation on how to go to LCCT from Cyberjaya. For your convenience, I'll alter it slightly and translate it to English.

LCCT is less than 20km from KLIA. LCCT is home to several airlines such as AirAsia, Tiger Airways and a few other low cost carriers. There are several alternate methods to go to LCCT via public transportation:

  • First Alternative
  • Taxi. Most obvious. Fastest. Between 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic condition. Most expensive alternative, between Rm50-60.
  • Second Alternative
  • Combination of bus and KLIA's Express Rail Link (ERL). From Cyberjaya, take the RapidKL bus number T429 to the West Transport Terminal in Putrajaya Central. Usually cost about Rm1, and it takes approximately 15 minutes to arrive. At the Putrajaya Central, take the ERL to KLIA with a ticket cost of Rm6.20, and a travel duration of roughly 20 minutes. Once you arrive at KLIA, take the KLIA-LCCT shuttle bus service located at Platform 8, whereby the bus station is located on Ground Floor of Car Park C, at the Main Terminal Building (MTB). The shuttle bus is operated by Nadi KLIA. The bus fare is around Rm1.50 with an estimated duration of 25 minutes. In conclusion, the total travel cost is Rm8.70, and the travel time is almost an hour, NOT including the waiting time.
  • Third Alternative
  • This is the alternative for those who have a lot of time in hand. From Cyberjaya, take the RapidKL bus number T429 to the West Transport Terminal in Putrajaya Central. Usually cost about Rm1, and it takes approximately 15 minutes to arrive. At the Putrajaya Central, take the ERL with a ticket cost of Rm9.50, or take the RapidKL bus number E1 to KL Sentral with a fare of RM5. From KL Sentral's Lower Ground floor, take the SkyBus which heads directly to LCCT with a fare of RM9 and a travel time of around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The total travel cost is between RM15 and Rm19.50, and the travel time is usually around 3 hours, NOT including the waiting time.

We took the second alternative, and as it mentioned, it took us almost 1 and a half hours, due to the waiting time for the bus and the train.

A the airport we went straight to the check-in counter to get our tickets, and board the plane. It was the first time experience for J in LCCT, so it was a bit weird for him seeing a line at the boarding gate to get into the plane, as he was more accustomed to the allocated seat system. It truly makes it a "bus" atmosphere at the LCCT. The seating is free, as in it's on a first come first serve basis, although now, AirAsia provides seat allocations with their new "pick a seat" service, but with a price.

In the plane itself, it was rather cramp, with very little leg room. I guess it's expected, being a budget airlines and all. Food, drinks, and souvenirs are all pay-by-order basis. You want it, you order it, you pay for it. Simple. Direct =P

Moving forward, we touched down at Langkawi International airport around 7pm. We arranged for a car (rental, naturally) beforehand, so we picked it up upon exiting the airport, and drove to our hotel, which was ridiculously near (we didn't know, looking at the map prior to arrival, we thought Langkawi was geographically larger in land size, as it was portrayed as such =.=""), less than 5 minutes drive !!

Our accomodation of choice is named Langkasuka Beach Resort. The nice thing about the hotel is that it's really near the airport and it has its own private beach. The shocking part about the hotel though, is that our room (supposedly for 2) had two QUEEN-SIZED beds!! We felt it was a bit too much for us... but hey, if they want to pamper the hotel guests, we have no compliants ; )

As we didn't have our dinner yet, we decided to go look for some food. We drove to Pantai Cenang, about 10 minutes drive from our hotel. This is one of the more tourist-populated areas, with lots of souvenir shops, restaurants, and night pubs. We stopped by one of the more known restaurants, Orkid Ria. It was packed when we arrived, so we had to wait a little for a table. The price of the food we guess is reasonable by the island's standard, and the food itself was rather delectable.

After dinner, we had an evening stroll along the road of Pantai Cenang. We walked into several souvenir shops to see the things they sold. After that, we proceeded back to the hotel, where we had a good night's rest before the start of the activities on the island.

It was quite a nice first night in Langkawi, with mounting excitement of what's to come =)

There was one weird feeling we had when we arrived in Langkawi though... the majority of the populace within the vicinity were in fact tourists. The foreigners outnumbered the locals where ever we turned! It was a different feeling for us, since we don't really travel.

The first day event is yet to come =D